I'm Just A Regular Kid... But, I'll Take On ANYONE!

I recently released a Skype call above that you're not going to want to miss...

You get to meet me and hear my voice, straight away that should strike you as being rather odd for most people offering a selection service online.

They simple won't do it, because they are dishonest and are hiding out of fear...

I am successful with my betting and I want to do the same for you.

Slideshow Of Recent Bets As Part Of My Inner Circle...

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Hi, my name is Nigel Bradley & I'm about to share with you something very different to what you are suffocated with what seems like every single day.

I'm going to cut to the chase. You don't need to know much about my life, my wife, my family and my struggles with tipsters and betting. Or a picture of me with my grandchildren!

We've all got similar stories right?

All you really need to know is who I am, what I PROMISE and I think I can gain your trust.

Which is the most important factor here.

All you need to know about me at this point is my name and a little bit of social proof that I really exist.

In my early days I was a Professional Boxer and made my debut in 1987 as a Welterweight, long gone are the days of making 147 pounds.

[Check Out My Boxing Record Online Here @ BOXREC]

That's enough about me for now.

The Video to the right is of me (black shorts) fighting Bob Williams on Wednesday 14th November 1990. I was just 22.

This was a brutal knockout, but Bob's a pro boxing referee now, from Watford he's also a fireman good bloke!

Why I Decided To Share My Selections With Others...

I had a light bulb 💡 moment around 13 months ago when I was showing my bets and winnings on a racing blog.

Someone asked me "Why don't you become a tipster Nigel?"

I thought long and hard about this, and then you know what...

I said to myself "yeah why not I can do this."

I'll go up against ANYONE in the tipster world.

Here is why;

I know what these tipster types are like as I've used them myself when I first started out.

They would call me up on the phone wanting me to put £100 on a short-priced favourite for them. I would duly oblige and would go on to lose.

Most tipsters in fact almost all of them were terrible.

They couldn't pick a winner, and I certainly don't think they backed the horses they were sending me.

The last thing I wish to be known by is as a tipster;

I'm not, I'm a Form Reader and a Pro Punter.

In this racing game, we/us the punters are the ones who matter NOT The Tipsters...

I back my own horses, I'll be offering you my selections, I will also give you my advice on how best to bet on them. If you want my bet slips I'll send them you as well. ON REQUEST!

I want you to have a CLEAR understanding of what we are going to achieve.

Our goal is to SMASH the bookies.

A simple goal and one which I certainly love doing.

I know a few people have worried that the bookies will ban them.

Heres the facts about that, who cares if the bookies ban my accounts.

So what if they do, the good thing is that means we are winning a lot and then we can always use Betfair...

Here's the way to spread your bets, Paddy Power, Bet 365, Betfair, I've proven I use all these, you could even open a betdaq account.

Betfair Are No Fun Recently Threw Toys Out Their Pram

Who is going to stop you? No one...

The only person stopping you is YOU.

If you want to find a way to win you will if not then you will only find excuses at your own door, not mine. AMEN

The best way to stop making excuses is to make sure you are in the position to join my Inner circle service today.

If you are one of the Lucky FEW then you need not worry.

What is great about my inner circle service is that it's direct, from a Pro punter direct to you willing to win punter.

I do all the graft all the Form Reading all the research all the headaches are mine.

I do all this for you.

My Service will take care of business for you:

You already know by my bets, and my skype video that I'm here to help and the best way for me to do this is in THREE Easy Steps:

1: Nap bet (my best bet of the day) This won't be a short priced fav, I want to offer some value even here. I think anyone can back a shortie I consider this cheating.

2: SAVER Bets  (I'm going to show you my secret to staying ahead)

3: Dutching, (Putting the odds in your favour more times than not)

And let's talk about small stakes for a minute:

You DON'T need to be betting £100 per time to make decent money in this game.

I'm got to the high stakes I use betting from £5 - £25 stakes.

I put on some smaller stake bets at greater odds, Quite often I'll put a £5 on a horse offering odds to good to miss.

All you need to know is how my bets will be sent, well that's the easiest part of all, via Email Direct to your INBOX daily. Apart from Christmas day 😉

Simply follow my instructions and place my bets with any bookie or BETFAIR, easy.

All you need to do next is decide on which membership package to the Inner Circle suits you the best.

I considered the price to my Inner Circle service carefully.

I know what other tipsters charge for shocking tips.

I charge my Whatsapp members £200 every month and I've had the same 30 members for the past 10 months. You'll be getting the exact same service they get apart from they have my mobile number. Thats it!

I know the work effort and quality of the selections I will send you far surpass any of the tipsters out there today. I know a lot charge punters £100+ per month for one bet per day.

I'm looking to offer you VALUE bets and VALUE memberships.

All you need to do is make the best choice, I currently have spaces on my 12-month plan.

Your place as one of my new members will be SECURED!

Click the button below make the right choice, and you are onboard, locked in ready to start our betting assault on the bookmaker.

12 Months Inner Circle Membership

Based On £74.99 Monthly (£899.88)

  • Email Service (Selections Delivered By 10:30am)
  • NAP Bet (My best bet of the day)
  • SAVER Bets (My Secret Sauce To Winning)
  • DUTCH BETS  (Put The Odds In Your Favour)
SAVE £702.88
join now

If You Don't Take This Step, Where Will You Be A Month From Now?

Do it now, because if you don't you know for a fact another punter is going to grab your spot, and you will end up sitting on the waiting list for a long time.

My service will be closed as soon as I've FILLED The VIP Spaces.

Remember as an INNER CIRCLE member you can be guaranteed I'm betting on the same selections in which I send out to all my members. (I'll send the bet slips on request).